At Copoazu, Rachael and Sophie create Adventurous Ices using deliciously fresh, natural ingredients from an urban location in central Bristol.

Our premium ices are made with care, slowly and in small batches.

We believe that pumping ice cream full of air isn’t fair to you so we don’t. Because of this our ices are more filling and fresh tasting than than your average scoop. We even offer you fat free, dairy free alternatives with out losing any of the icecreamyness.

We love to cater for all types of event and being a creative bunch we are happy to tailor our ices and our appearance  to complement any tastes or a particular theme you may have chosen for the day.

Whatever the occasion we can wheel up to you on our bike and cart or simply deliver our ices for you to serve as you see fit.


Areas Covered : UK

  • Southville, Bristol, BS3 1NN


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